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Friday, December 12, 2008


Remember Joshua Persky? He's the MIT grad who, after being laid off of his Wall Street job walked the streets of Manhattan wearing a sandwich board advertisement in an attempt to get hired. Well, guess what? He did! According to the December 9, 2008 peHub article titled, "Sandwich Board Job Hunter Gets Hired," it states that Joshua's stunt to generate media attention "worked," and has resulted in him securing a job at Weiser LLP, an accounting firm.

But what is it that "worked" for Joshua? If we find that out, we should bottle it and share it with those other 499,000 plus Americans who are also jobless. Sure, Joshua was able to get media attention, and that definitely helped... But I'm convinced that it wasn't the media alone that took Joshua over the top. It was what happened SURROUNDING (before, after and during ) the media's attention, that I believe helped Joshua to seal the deal. What was it? It was the oldest, greatest and most effective marketing tool in existence: Word of Mouth.

Joshua hit the streets...the word got out and Joshua went viral. People started talking and writing this heretofore unknown investment banker, and as the word was passed from person to person in chat rooms, on blogs, in forums... before long, Joshua started getting calls for interviews. Through the power of word of mouth, Joshua's story got out and the rest is now history.

Word of mouth marketing is not a new concept. In fact, it's the crux of what network marketing (MLM), is all about. If it is a legitimate network marketing company, it's not so much about "recruiting" as it is about sharing good news! You have a great company with a fantastic product or service that you offer the public. Your company offers you an unbelievable opportunity to earn a phenomenal salary paid in commissions and bonuses AND on top of everything else, you earn great perks. That's generally the kind of "good news" that's worth sharing, and that's why successful network marketing companies are so successful. Simply by sharing your opportunity with others who are in need of and in search of similar opportunities for themselves, you're able to help them AND build a great business for yourself. It's a WIN-WIN situation.

So the next time somebody approaches you about a network marketing opportunity, it might do you good to remember Joshua Persky and take a moment to listen. They may have something to share with you that will one day be as transformative for you as Joshua's word of mouth marketing has been for him.

Congratulations Joshua Persky! I'm glad you got hired. Your story is still being shared because it's a good one: an encouragement and an inspiration to many, including me and all my MLM business buddies.


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