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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Follow The Leader

Recently I've been thinking about the whole concept of "Follow the Leader" and what it has to do with being successful in business. If you think about it, the concept is first taught by parents and later, in grade school. Generally, one kid is distinguished from among the others as the leader. He or she will often be assigned to give instructions or direction to the rest of the class when the teacher is out of the room, and the class is expected to follow. You even see it in nature. Sheep always follow a leader, sometimes even to their detriment. When birds fly in formation, there is always a lone leader ahead of the flock, that all the other birds follow in near perfect form. Following the leader just makes sense.

Honestly, when I joined YTB, although subconsciously I know this, I had no thoughts about where the company fit among online travel MLM companies. Now, two years later, I'm happy that somehow, instinctively, without even being aware of it... I did join in fact... join the leader and now that I'm an insider, I am striving to emulate great leadership.

One of the greatest aspects of the YTB business and comp plan is that this "follow the leader" principle is built into the business plan to help ensure everyone's success. This is how it works: The PowerTeam is the highest paid position in YTB. In other words, it's where the money is. Every person who joins YTB is joining someone's PowerTeam. Now the PowerTeam leader is responsible to help each of his or her PowerTeam members, to also get into their PowerTeams. In other words, the leader lays out a plan for the members to follow, and if they do, they will be successful and get into their own PowerTeam where they too will begin to lead other followers.

Now, one great thing about this system is that when you join YTB, you have a motivated, built in coach who is ready and willing to lead you to success. Why? Because you are in their PowerTeam and this is where they earn the most. The more successful you are, the more money they make. So there is never a need for a person in his or her PowerTeam to ever need to buy leads. That motivated person who just joined their PowerTeam is the hottest lead they will ever find, and they -- too -- are eager to get into their PowerTeam.

Another great program that YTB offers aligned with the Follow The Leader principle is Coach's Corner. Coach's Corner is the next level after the PowerTeam where a person who has 30 active RTAs in his PowerTeam is personally coached to millionaire status by the founder and company leader, Coach J.Lloyd Tomer. Coach personally mentors the people in Coach's Corner, and that alone is an honor but the perks and benefits that Coach's Corner members receive are also wonderful.

A while ago I read an article about the difference between winners and losers I found at crisel.multiply.com, and its a concept has always been intriguing to me. I believe that there is a real connection between people who are known to be "winners", and "leaders". So, in my version (below) I replaced the words winners with "leaders" Read what the author has to say:

1) Leaders are always part of the answer, the loser is always part of the problem.
2) Leaders always have a program, the loser always has an excuse.
3) The leader says, " Let me do it for you", the loser says, "That is not my job".
4) The leader sees an answer for every problem, the loser sees a problem for every answer.
5) The leader says" It may be difficult but it is possible", the loser says" It may possible but it is difficult.
6) When a leader makes a mistakes he says," I was wrong"; when a loser makes a mistakes, he says, it wasnt my fault.
7) A leader makes commitments, a loser makes promises.
8) Leaders have dreams, Losers have schemes.
9) Leaders say, I must do something", Losers says something must be done.
10) Leaders are part of the team, Losers are apart from the team.
11) Leaders see the gain, Losers see the pain.
12) Leaders see the possibilities, Losers see the problem.
13) Leaders believe in a win-win, Losers believe for them to win someone has to lose.
14) Leaders see the potential, Losers see the past.
15) Leaders are like thermostats, losers are like thermometers.
16) Leaders choose what they say: Losers say what they choose.
17) Leaders use hard arguments but soft words; Losers use soft arguments but hard words.
18) Leaders stand firm on values but compromise on petty things: Losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on values.
19) Leaders follow the philosophy of empathy: " Don't do to others what you would not want them to do to you. Losers follow the philosophy: " Do it to others before they do it to you".
20) Leaders make it happen. Losers let it happen.

I think this sums up perfectly why, if we truly want to achieve success in business or in our home based businesses, we must follow the leader. If you want to succeed in your own home based business and don't know where to start, feel free to send me an email: reginaosei@gmail.com

Regina Osei is a successful mentor and coach who teaches her YTB Team members and other business owners how to succeed in business and how to market their businesses using diverse strategies and approaches both online and offline. If you are interested in starting your own online travel business and want the benefit of a mentor who is committed to your success, join our team today at http://regina.vacationmedia.net. If you have questions, e-mail me at: reginaosei@gmail.com or call 901-221-1630(1)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How a Real Work-At-Home Mom is Achieving Real Success in YTB

I never knew that I was a late bloomer, but I am. I married my dream husband late in life. Four years later, the greatest miracle occured...Cion Alexandria Osei was born! When Cion entered our lives, I had been accustomed to working in Corporate America and in full-time ministry. After Cion was born, my life changed drastically. I immediately became a work-at-home Mom, who, thankfully before too long began achieving success in YTB.

Traveling has always been a passion of mine and in my past corporate jobs, ministry work and overseas missions, I had been blessed to travel quite a lot. So when my friend approached me with the idea of getting into a travel business, the travel part was a no brainer. It was the business part that I balked at.

YTB is both a travel business and a network marketing company. In my mind, it was little more than "sales" and I hated sales. I was also completely unprepared and unwilling to invest $500 in another business opportunity. I had invested too much in past ventures that I did absolutely nothing with. But there was something different about YTB. The way my friend spoke about the company, the founders, their integrity and most of all the travel products, travel benefits, perks and commissions... I was compelled. After about a month, my husband and I joined YTB.

We joined YTB for many reasons, first of which is that YTB is a great company. More than this, it's a really great company for a WAHM. First, because there is no pressure. YTB doesn't have timelines or quotas you must fulfil. You can work at your own pace and on your own schedule. Second, YTB just makes sense. If you're going to travel anyway and if you know people who travel, it makes sense to earn commissions on that travel. It also makes sense to travel wholesale, to save on your taxes AND to get paid a referral fee when sharing this great business and these benefits with others. Third, YTB is 100% turnkey. You don't even need computer skills to succeed in YTB! YTB makes it easy for WAHMs because they do the difficult work for you. Fourth, YTB rewards you on activity and on results! YTB has a $6,000 guarantee program that rewards you on activity even if you have no results. But YTB also rewards you very hansomely based on results. Earning an extra $500 or $1,000 or more a week can be a tremendous boost to the average family's household, especially when one member is a WAHM!

After I joined YTB, my first goal was to get rid of the $50 monthly maintenance fee. This was the first area that I started achieving success in YTB. After one month of being an RTA and sharing the business with my family and friends, many of whom also loved and joined YTB, our maintenance fee was reimbursed, thus giving us a 100% debt-free business. Our greatest successes in YTB came initially from our warm market, but by our fifth month in the business, we had begun marketing heavily using fliers and postcards and had started a small amount if marketing online... all that resulted in our earning our very first $1,000 bonus! Since then we've had lots of other people join our business from all around the USA, have earned additional bonuses and have had opportunities to take advantage of some of the great travel perks. One of my favorites was last Summer when I spent 5-days at a Sandals resort in Jamaica that I've always dreamed of visiting, at the unbelievable price of only $99. YTB has been good to us, but the best part is that I'm still a WAHM. I feel so blessed just to stay home with our now 20-month-year-old toddler and be able to spend quality time teaching and bonding with her during these very important early years.

Being a work-at-home-mom for me has been a joy. Our successes we attribute to God's grace that rests upon our TEAM. We have an awesome team that includes our upline, downline and even our crossline, and we meet weekly on our "Keeping It Real" conference call where we all brainstorm, share information, train and plan our marketing strategies. On our TEAM, we have the absolute best marketing and graphic design professionals available. Visit our graphic designer's website here. Visit my website by clicking HERE to learn more about YTB.

So this is my story.
I am a real work-at-home mom who is achieving real success in YTB. Have I gone as far as I desire? Absolutely not! I still have many goals that I'm working towards realizing one day, one step at a time. The good news is that I have the time to achieve them because I am in YTB for the long haul. If I can assist you or answer any questions you have, please feel free to call or send me a note. I will gladly tell you whatever I know about how to succeed in YTB... what works and what definitely does not work. I can also help you to overcome some of the challenges in YTB because I've had to overcome them myself. If you're a WAHM or if you're a stay-at-home-mom and you WANT TO BE a WAHM or work-at-home-mom, let my story encourage you. If I can do this, absolutely anybody can.

Regina Osei is a successful mentor and coach who teaches her YTB Team members and other business owners how to succeed in business and how to market their businesses using diverse strategies and approaches both online and offline. If you are interested in starting your own online travel business and want the benefit of a mentor who is committed to your success, join our team today at http://regina.vacationmedia.net. If you have questions, e-mail me at: reginaosei@gmail.com or call 901-221-1630(1)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Joshua Persky...Who? He did... What?

A friend of mine, Gail Walker, just wrote a blog about a man named Joshua Persky. When I was told about it, I said.. "Joshua Persky... Who?" "He did...What?" I had never ever heard of this man, but what I've learned since then is that Joshua Persky, according to the article I read in USA Today is "an unemployed banker (that) has taken to the streets of Manhattan — wearing a pinstriped suit and an "MIT Graduate for Hire" sign draped over his shoulders." According to Gail's blog post, "Persky went the normal route of submitting his resume to head hunters and human resource depts. without success. Then out of desperation Persky started to think out of the box. He shows up on Park Avenue in New York one day wearing a sandwich board that said “Experienced MIT Grad for Hire” with his name and contact information. Needless to say Persky caught the attention of all the major newspapers, and all the major news channels. He was interviewed on all the morning news shows like Good Morning America, Good Day New York as well as the national evening news."

Apparently, what Joshua is doing that has generated such a frenzy of interest by the media is not only his particular story, but also his unique form of advertising. When I read the story, there were two particular aspects of it that immediately caught my attention: 1. The fact that Joshua Persky needs an immediate, substantial income source. 2. Joshua Persky needs a more effective form of advertising. Now the 20 million dollar question is: Which of these two points can I help him with? The answer? Actually both.

Point 1 - The Immediate Income Source - Joshua Persky's story gives evidence to the reality that in today's economy, EVERYBODY NEEDS A PLAN B. Joshua had a wonderful Plan A. He went to one of the top schools in the country, graduated most likely with honors, and got a good job in his field. That was his Plan A, and it worked! But having only a Plan A was the problem. Joshua had failed to put in place Plan B.

I have a friend who also graduated from MIT and who had a great job in Corporate America in Engineering. My friend also put his Plan B in place, and now he's well on his way to earning a six-figure RESIDUAL income. His Plan B is also mine: The YTB Travel Network and YTB Travel and Cruises (YTB). YTB is a publicly traded company that is already number one in the industry, and on target to become the largest online travel company in the world within the next few years. YTB is all about travel. You can make just about any travel arrangements that you choose on our YTB Travel website. I am a YTB Referring Travel Agent (RTA), and as an RTA, my customers can make arrangements for their airfare, car rental, hotel, cruise, golf vacations, you name it, on my website. In fact, you can book your travels right here. If Joshua Persky owned a YTB Travel Business, any travel booked on his website, would earn him 60% of the travel commissions. If Joshua knows people who are traveling already, he can earn some serious money through his booking engine, whether or not he personally had anything to do with scheduling the trip or not, as long as it was booked on his website.

But that's only one way that Joshua could benefit from YTB. Suppose Joshua cannot afford to join YTB and pay for his booking engine? YTB has the answer for that too. The YTB business opportunity is actually TWO businesses in one, and only the travel business has a fee. The other business is all about relationships, networks and networking. Joshua was a banker. No doubt, while working in banking he met a lot of people who are searching for an opportunity like YTB. Joshua probably knows people who would love to own their own travel booking engine that would allow them to vacation around the world paying wholesale prices, get paid on their own travels and on the travels of everyone who books travel through them or on their website, and that allows them to write off every trip, including personal vacations that they take. If Joshua were to simply refer some of his friends to his YTB Travel business, after they get their websites set up, YTB would pay Joshua a very nice referral fee. These referral fees are no joke because they double in a very short period of time as he continues to refer people and they refer people. Before long, Joshua Persky could be earning five, six or seven figures after joining YTB for FREE!

Point 2 - Effective Way of Advertising - Recently, I joined a phenomenal business called whatbusinesstodo.com. whatbusinesstodo.com is a marketing and advertising tool that anybody, including business people can use to build their business and promote their products and services. Now the greatest aspects of whatbusinesstodo.com are: 1. The website is highly "search engine" optimized. This means that the information and advertising that you put on the site, once you learn the techniques that they teach you, will often be found on the first page of google, yahoo and other the top search engine sites. This is significant, because Joshua needs people to find him. This way, they would. 2. The site has top of the line marketing tools that include: blogs, video marketing, chat rooms, classified ads, events and more. Joshua could essentially post a video of himself, his skills and his desires for work on the site, that would be viewed by literally millions of people around the world.
3. The founders of whatbusinesstodo.com are committed to helping their members to be successful, so what do they do? They personally host nightly webinars where they train you in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, blogging, posting ads, etc. Even the most ignorant person about SEO can quickly learn what to do and begin getting target traffic to their websites almost overnight. 4. The best part? The price of joining. whatbusinesstodo.com, unlike many other sites of its kind, will not charge Joshua an arm and a leg. The total cost to join the site is only a penny a day or $3.65 a year. The founders have committed to every member that they will NEVER, EVER raise the price! So from now until eternity, to join whatbusinesstodo.com will cost a whopping $3.65

Joshua Persky, if you are out there, read my blog. I have the answers for both of the things that you need, and if you take me up on them the can turn your financial woes in to a financial windfall over time. To learn more about YTB Travel and to join either of the business opportunities, you can visit here. To learn more about whatbusinesstodo.com and to join click here.

Regina Osei is a successful mentor and coach who teaches her YTB Team members and other business owners how to succeed in business and how to market their businesses using diverse strategies and approaches both online and offline. If you are interested in starting your own online travel business and want the benefit of a mentor who is committed to your success, join our team today at http://regina.vacationmedia.net. If you have questions, e-mail me at: reginaosei@gmail.com or call 901-221-1630(1)