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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Women of YTB at the 2008 Convention

A few days ago I returned from the YTB 2008 Convention. It was my first. The first year I joined YTB, I was too new to know that I even needed to go. The second year, because of excuses I gave myself, although Prince and I had planned to go, at the last minute, we changed our minds and didn't. This year, we went, and am I glad we did! It was absolutely AWESOME! From the YTBU Training classes that were taught by YTB Directors and Circle of Champions leaders, to the Convention Opening Ceremonies to the Sunday morning church services... we loved EVERYTHING! But the real highlight of the event, at least in my opinion, was the day that the Women of YTB were featured at the 2008 Convention. It was Girl Power at its BEST.

The YTB Women Came
They processed on stage in groups of five or 10 or 20 or more, but come they did! Women of all ages, all sizes, all races and all cultures. They were old and young, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, introvert and extrovert... you name it, they were a diverse group of women who, when they spoke (ane all did speak) they did so with passion and with POWER.

Never in my life have I seen so many women on one program from such diverse backgrounds speak so eloquently and from the heart about a company. YTB clearly has made a phenomenal impact on the lives and the DESTINIES of hundreds if not thousands of women and their families.

The YTB Women Shared

The women shared stories of heroism and courage and integrity and strength and there wasn't a dry eye in the Convention Center. Even men shed tears! As late as yesterday, I heard some men talking about how awesome "the women" were, so I asked them if any of them had wept. Without exception, those men admited that they had shed tears. It was nearly impossible not to!

The day opened with Chris Tomer (Coach's wife) sharing her heart and the struggles she experienced when Coach initially started YTB. They had given up EVERYTHING. It was clear that it had been a very painful and difficult time for her, but her love for Coach enabled her to offer silent and prayerful support. Later, after she began to really see the impact YTB was making, and after she started to meet the people who had joined YTB that her heart opened as did her arms to welcome the YTB family into her life.

The YTB Women are Strong & Powerful
Each of the women who spoke are YTB Directors, earning an average annual high six figure income, with many earning it monthly. Some are out-front and vocal all the time, and others remain primarily in the background as they give support to their husbands who are the true "builders" in YTB. No matter their position, all are POWERFUL and all have encountered and overcome untold challenges as they've climbed the ladder of success. One women in particular, whose story goes that she made it to the Level 1 Director spot while recovering from a mastectomy and undergoing chemotherapy. She said, "There were so many days that I didn't feel good. I could have stopped and had a pity party, but I decided that I would not quit. So I forced myself to stay the course... even through the pain and discomfort of chemo, and to continue to build my business." It was well worth it, she said, because as a Level 1 YTB Director, she now has paid medical insurance and a paid $150K life insurance policy, not to mention the money she earns!

The YTB Women are Absolute STARS
I am so proud of the Women of YTB. They are all stars and most recently, they have produced a book that tells many of their stories with an accompanying DVD that can be purchased from YTB for only $10. Trust me... is worth much more than that, and at $10 it feels like a steal! Whether or not you're in YTB, it's a great investment and it's a good read. If you have children, and girls in particular, it's simply a must have! The Women of YTB make me proud to be both a woman and a YTBer! To view photos and video clips from the YTB 2008 Convention, Click YTB CONVENTION and click on YTB Media Center.

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Baba Jahi said...

Yes Regina, the Women of YTB were great! This was my first convention also. I'm glad that I went. I almost did not go. Thanks to your upline A.J. I was able to hook up with Chuck and share a room, that was a big help!There were parts of the classes that had me crying (The 3 CEOs) When the woman explained about how her free major medical insurance covered her breast cancer, that had me crying also. YTB is a great company and people who are looking for a great business need to get on board! See you at the TOP Regina Peace & Blessings Baba Sitawi Jahi